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So, I’m pretty excited about this idea of serialized fiction.  Writing several short stories, or one continuous story, broken into smaller pieces.  This would be for self-publishing purposes, ebook style.  I can see many benefits to this.

Release the first part, perhaps even for free, to get people interested, get some feedback…  Also, good way to build up a fan base (I hope!)  In addition, it’s easier to do a full revision and edit on 10,000 words than 100,000.  Plus, you can do a few different projects at the same time, or interspersed with each other.  

Which begs the question, where do I start?  I have several ideas that I want to explore, but not sure which is the one to start with.  Also, most of them are currently just loose ideas that need more detail.  But here are the one’s that I’m kicking around.

THE FACILITY – this is the one that I originally planned to do first.  There’s a synopsis on one of my info pages, but don’t want to give away too much.  Basically, it involves a facility where things are not as they seem, and to say any more would be to ruin it.  My fear is that since it is a post-apocalyptic world where the last bit of humanity (or so far as we know) is contained in a place where everything is not as it seems, that it might be thought to resemble Wool.  Which is a book that I am in the middle of and loving!  Highly recommend.  Okay, you twisted my arm, SPOILERS – human rebellion, multiple dimensions overlaid on top of each other, and aliens.  So yea, not really like Wool all that much (of course, I haven’t gotten to the end of it yet, so who knows).  But still, I worry since it would be released in parts that the first section might meet with scrutiny.  So that may be release #2.

UNTITLED IMMORTAL STORY – for this tale, it would be about a man who doesn’t age.  This seems like a good thing, until two-hundred years from now, when the lifespan of humans has increased, and people that are the age he appears to be are treated like children.  I imagine there’s a love story and him revealing himself and abandoning the shut-in ways he had adopted.  But, there is a lot of stuff that comes before that.  Like, probably 2 short stories.  That would be at soonest the third in the series.  Have to figure out what trials and tribulations he could go through that would be interesting enough to warrant at least two other books, before getting to the third.  Cause if you start off seeing him in the future, you know it all works out, and then why bother reading the others?  Hopefully, because they’re intriguing.  But I think I’d rather release them in order.  Still, not sure yet, thought.

REALLY VAGUE IDEA – This is the least developed.  It’s pretty much just the idea of telling the same story, from different points of view.  So, it tells the story for one person, then the second story picks up at the beginning, but meets up with the first persons story, then goes a little further.  Then maybe another.  Then probably the bad guy’s point of view… but I don’t know yet what to write that about.  Maybe Urban Fantasy?  Not sure.

Anyways, that’s what I’m working on now.  Well, I’m actually at my day job and working on this blog.  But I working on working on them.