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I wasn’t planning to bus blog on the way home. But this is not my day for buses.

I got on the correct one this time. Although, when I had to transfer, I was confused about which side if the street to stand on, both had stops for the same number, but not a map. I spent nearly too long on the one side before realize it was wrong.

The first bus cost $1. I could have gotten a transfer, but I was afraid to ask. I put my dollar in the machine, found it cost $1.50. Not wanting to break another dollar, and seeing that it took Taps, I tapped. Charged me the full amount. Oh well. The bus driver was confused, and a bit belligerent. Over the course if the route she cursed and honked at cars. Far cry from the nice man this morning.  

Then the bus breaks down. Luckily, somehow, it only took a phone call for the driver to fix it. But that’s when I started writing this.

Another thing worth noting is a strange practice I’ve noticed. I’ve seen no less than 3 people sleeping on the bus. This is strange to me. I guess I sleep on airplanes, but that commute is typically a lot longer.

I would be worried about many things if I were to sleep on the bus. Missing my stop, having my stuff stolen, being touched by who knows who, not to mention the creepiness of thinking that you’re being watched while you sleep. I’ve been pretty tired many days, but I don’t think I will ever be writing about my experiences bus napping.