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Someone just brought a vacuum onto the bus. Curious. Also, I hope this bus takes me where I need to go. I’ve got this bad habit of jumping on buses just because they show up and I recognize the number. I’m not on the bus that I’m supposed to take. But I’m pretty sure this goes to the stop I need. Hopefully at the right time.

I have been concerned for a while now that the job I’ve recently taken doesn’t pay enough to sustain me. After trying it out a few weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that that’s correct. Sadly, I must start the hunt again.  

So I wonder, how does someone try to find a new job while holding a full time one? Sure, I can apply online. But what about interviews? Also, I’d really like to find a waitressing job. But you can only apply to those in person, 2-4, M-F. Not only is this job siphoning my money and energy, its now holding me prisoner.

When I had gotten my very first job as a teenager, I saw people much older than me doing the same thing. I kept wondering, as young people do, why they would choose the same job as a teenager? The next job I had was as a temp. I worked in various offices. I think it was during that experience that I decided that I never wanted to be trapped in a job.

I hate office work, even if I’m good at it. I only took this job out if desperation. Decisions of that nature rarely seem to turn out well.

I can’t just quit. I can’t afford that. There is too much uncertainty and the economy is still rough. I’ve run completely out of money before. It’s terrifying and not something that I ever want to experience again.

My best conclusion is to go back to working part time, if they’ll let me. I desperately want to work the 12:30-5:30 shift. To say that I am not a morning person is an understatement. But as much as I would physically like that time slot, it doesn’t really help me to find the jobs I’m looking for.

Therefore, I’ll have to work the 7:30-12:30. Making me get up even earlier. But it gives me time to apply to restaurants and take interviews.

In addition, I plan to revive my photography business. I gave it a partial attempt one before. I knew nothing of what I needed. I could take great photos and bring out natural expressions in people. But I couldn’t drum up business.

I tried using a Groupon, and it was a good experience. It got me some business and experience. I was even able to upgrade some if my equipment. But there wasn’t a lot of customers. And I only got to keep less than 1/4 of my original pricing.

But I needed more. I figured, I’ve made a web page, I’ve made a Facebook page. I have a portfolio. Surely business will come. It didn’t. But now I work for an SEO company. Something that I didn’t even know existed before I started there. I will have to spend a little in advertising if I hope anything will come of it.

Also importantly, this new schedule will give me more time to write. I would love to be able to quit my job and just be a full time writer, but I can’t afford that. Writing isn’t something that’s done for instant gratification. Or at least not the financial kind. It’s my goal, and I want to be a successful author more than words can say. It’s a passion so deep that sometimes it literally makes me ache. But it takes time. I have to put in my best efforts and be patient.

I am hopeful about this new plan. Though it may be tiring. Going to work in the morning, go out to apply to jobs every day after, doing photography and writing when and wherever I can. But I like it. I like working towards things. I like bettering myself and moving forward. Hopefully, it’ll work out.