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Taking different buses this evening. I cut back my hours at work from full time to part time so that I’d have my afternoons free to apply at restaurants. This means that I have to wake up and go into work on an extra early shift. But it’ll be worth it. I hope.

So after an early day, I got off of work at 12:30. Which is great. Makes the day longer. Almost makes it feel like I didn’t even go. My guy took the bus and met me in Santa Monica for lunch. Then, from 2-4 walked around and applied at places (because that’s the way that you have to apply to most restaurants for some reason).  

Then, my guy took the car, and I headed to the bus. Not even that far from work, I had to navigate an entirely different set of buses.

After walking halfway between two streets, trying to determine the best route, I settled on one that would take me almost 2 hours to commute.

I got on the first bus like any other. Bought my transfer. Even ended up arriving at my next stop a little early. A little too soon, however. Just early enough to watch my next bus be just out of reach and drive off.

The schedule said another would be along at 7:05 and again, like my original route said, 7:25. The bus came at 7:15.

While I waited I watched a different numbered bus come by twice, with a heading that read streets near my home. But I didn’t dare it because it wasn’t presented as an option via the Internet. It probably would have been much quicker and better placed.

Turns out that my transfer did not work on this bus. Had to pay again. This has not been the best ride home. My back is sore from the seat I choose in the back on the first stretch that didn’t have enough leg room. My feet hurt from walking around in dress shoes. Soon, I’ll have to walk a ways home, and even for the later pick up, this bus is running behind.

I also think I just realized that I’m going to be locked out. Gave my guy the car keys, which have my house keys. Forgot to get his from him. He won’t be home for 4 hours or so.

I ran out my phone batteries on the bus, left the charger in the car. This night keeps getting worse…