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I started taking a different bus today. Why? Because I got a different job. Didn’t take me nearly as long as I expected. The downside is that its to the East, so I probably won’t be moving to the Westside any time soon.

I was almost slightly hesitant, or at least felt a little bad, about leaving my last job. Especially without giving notice. But then I got paid today. Once again my paycheck was a couple hundred short of what I expected it to be. So that made leaving easier.  

My new job is at a restaurant that will soon be opening in Pasadena. It’s a pan-Asian theme with a high level chef. Also, my boss was on a couple episodes of H*ll’s Kitchen. So that’s cool.

We got to try some of the food today. It was fantastic. I normally don’t like any kind of sea food, but the albacore and ahi tuna was surprisingly good. There was a 6 hour cooked Bo Ssm. A-maz-ing! Desserts were delightful. And nothing wrong about drinking sake at work.

But now I have to engrain a bunch of info in my head for tomorrow. First thing they’re having a quiz. They said that we have to get 90% or better, but didn’t say what the consequences were I’d we didn’t. However, I don’t want to find out.

I started memorizing items from the menu on the bus this morning. I must have looked like one of the crazy people, silently mouthing them to myself over and over. Got half the menu down. However, knowing the name of a dish and accurately describing it in detail are two very different things.

I don’t have the whole night to study, either. I’m going to a writers networking meeting thing tonight. Hopefully it will be fun or at least informational. I also desperately need to clean and grocery shop.

Sigh, so much to do!