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Here’s an idea I’ve been thinking about.  Still working on it.  But enjoy:

“Daddies?” asked Ella in her small voice from the backseat.

“Yes, baby?” the two asked in unison.  They gave each other a warm smile before Chad had to return his attention to the road.  How lucky they were, to have not only each other, but such a wonderful daughter.  She had kept herself relatively content so far during the drive, busing herself with her virtual finger painting.

“Daddies, where do babies come from?”

They grimaced when they heard the question that had sprung out of the blue.  It was something every parent dreaded.  

“Oh, pumpkin,” Jeremy said to his daughter, “It’s pretty complicated.  I think you’re probably too young to understand.”

She was only seven, and her feet still dangled off the floor.  She looked like a doll in her frilly blue dress, with her strawberry blond hair pulled backed with ribbons.  She enjoyed dressing like a princess, and they dressing her like one, and did most every day.

“Daddy,” she said slightly whiny, “I’m a big girl.  I wanna know.”

They knew this tone.  She was not going to let it go.  They sighed heavily and considered their words.

“I’ve got this,” Chad said.

“Thank you, honey,” Jeremy replied.

“Well, sweat heart, when two people love each other very much and are married, like me and your father, they decide that they want to have a baby.  We put in an application with the RA.  That’s the Reproduction Authority.  While they reviewed it, we took a parenting class.  After we passed it, there was a psychological exam, where they made sure we could emotionally handle a family, and then they reviewed our finances.  Once all of that was good, they looked at our genes.  Then we just had to wait for our turn.  There had to be room in the world to bring a new baby into it.  Once we got the news that it was time, they took our genes.”

“See baby,” Jeremy took over, “there are lots of different ways to make a baby.  If there’s a man and a woman, they take special cells that their body makes.  But if it’s two women or, like us, two men, then it gets a little more complicated.  They take some cells from our skin and program them to be, like an egg.  Then they make you from it.”

“After they mix two people together to start the baby, then it gets put into something called a synthetic womb.  It’s watched over all day every day by very special doctors, who makes sure that all the fluids are perfect.  After about nine and a half months of careful baking, the baby is ready to come home.  They take it out, and give it to the parents.”

“And that honey is where babies come from.  Understand?”

“No,” she was quiet for a moment.  “Where do puppies come from?”