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The road to financial stability is a long one. As is the one the bus takes me home on. It takes roughly 45 min to comments via the bus. About 20 when I drive. Tonight I got off of work just in time to run and catch the bus. Glad I didn’t miss it. Turns out it was standing room only. Which, after a few hours on my feet at work and the sprint, wasn’t fun. I chose to go to the very back of the bus. As I did, it turned out I had walked past an empty seat by the window. The man stood up and promptly offered it to the woman behind me.
So I stood and waited.  As I braced myself with both arms on opposing poles, I noticed the man sitting on my left was peculiar. On a bus in LA, odd is the normal. But he had his head back. A quick inspection revealed that he had vomit on his mouth, hand, and leg. Before long, he was moving and, while dirty and doing nothing about it, seemed fine.
It creeped me out. I wondered what I was being exposed to. What my hands could be touching. A seat opened up. A man in front of me (who I think was with the woman that sat) was just standing there. I had to practically push my way past him to get my spot. But hey, I just got off work, I’m close to 30 (even though I look like a kid) so I felt like I deserved a seat.
Work. Sigh. When will I ever find a job that meets my needs? I have had the craziest time trying to find one. It shouldn’t be this hard. My current job, which I was really excited about when I got it, only schedules me about 10 hours a week. And I don’t make the tips that I would expect. I know servers making $200-300/night. I made $45 on a Sat. I’m looking for a second job.
I’ve been looking, switching employers for almost a year. Never in my life have I had so much trouble. I think I’ve had more employers in the last year than I had in the ten that preceded it.
Maybe that’s just LA. I’ve lost about 25 lbs in the last year (35 from my largest), but I still have another 20-25 lbs to go until I’m Hollywood skinny. Maybe then I’ll be able to find a good job.
Someday I will publish. Someday my books will be best sellers. At that point, I’ll be done with bad jobs. It’s just getting there that’s the trick.