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Usually when I ride the bus, I listen to audio books. But today, I can’t stop thinking about my book. That, and the fact that the bus smells vaguely of crayons. Which is better than other things it could smell of, I suppose.

I’m almost 1/4 of the way through this round of revisions. I think ( probably naively so) that the really hard part is over. I created a lot of new content, and mixed in some of the old. But I’m now getting to the point where it’s still got a bit if new stuff, some breaking it apart and stitching it back together in different places, but mostly it’ll be polishing. With any luck, this is it. Unless someone is paying me to change things in the book (like a publisher) then hopefully this is the last draft that I’ll need to do.  

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that I’ll be published. Perhaps it’s just my unending optimism getting the better of me. But for some reason I really believe it’ll happen with this book. The thought exists in me as truth. I don’t know how else to explain. I don’t wonder if it’ll happen, only when.

Because of this, I’ve also been thinking a lot of what I will do once it is published. I think, depending on what the publisher has in the way of marketing, that I will likely do a lot myself. It’s this that consumes my thoughts.

What does any book need? Why, a red carpet, Hollywood style book release party, of course! I’ve got it all planned in my mind. I have some acquaintances that throw the best parties, and I will probably ask/pay them for their help. Bonus that they also have some semi-famous friends ( which I have met and friended on Facebook, but my clout is not the same. Plus, having social anxiety doesn’t exactly make you the life of the party). But I want bells and whistles! Red carpet, “photobooth” area, event photographer… Maybe even live music. Possibly a nerd theme 🙂 and, of course, my book would be for sale. The thought of this night fills me with such an excitement. It’ll happen. Someday. And when it does, you’re all invited!!

After that , I plan to beg and barter to get my word out any way I can. Radio, tv, book signings, whatever people will let me do. I plan to pack up my boyfriend and my dog and travel city to city, until the book is a hit and maybe even after.

So, you see why my mind is too consumed to listen to a book at the moment. I’d rather be writing then going to work. Gotta pay the bills somehow, for now.