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Saw this movie right after it came out. I’m not usually one to do movie reviews, but maybe I should be. This movie scarred my brain. There may be some spoilers. If you’ve read the book, then you mostly know what happens, although the movie takes some liberates. So I’ve warned you. Enter at your own risk.  

I was so excited for Ender’s Game. I waited anxiously for months, and went to see it at midnight, despite having to get up early the next day.

The movie began. Ok, things were going well I guess. Made sense, followed the book. Then about ten minutes later, it all fell apart.

I feel like the makers of the movie said, “hey, everyone read this book, right? So we don’t need to waste time developing the complex emotions or experiences or relationships or anything like that. People get it. What they really want to see is special effects!”

Ender has little interaction with his siblings. His launch group has Bean in it. Look at that, they’re buddies. Don’t remember it being that way in the book. Oh, and that stuff about Ender being younger and smaller than everyone? They decided that wasn’t important. They didn’t even make him seem smarter then everyone.

The fantasy game starts with him beating the giant. I think they show it one other time in the movie when he sees Peter in the mirror.

Those battles? Yea, there were two. One in Salamander Army, his first battle, and his last battle as Dragon. Never mind a good portion of the book was about taking him to his breaking point. That the last battle was the final straw. That them going through the door before the end of the game was them essentially quitting.

Nope. They just have him an army and he was the best. That was all there was to that part of the movie.

They made odd choices in Ender’s interactions with others. Bean is his friend, Bernard stays with him til the end, Petra is into him, she’s his closest companion and clearly wants him, and at the end he leaves his sister behind to fade off into the sunset. Oh, and Bonso was comically small, and not really threatening. Ender didn’t kill any humans. Bonso lives.

There were so many strange and wrong little details that to try and remember them all may make my head explode. They used the Little Dr twice in the movie, and Petra never had a breakdown. Bean got to say “the enemy’s gate is down” possibly his fifth line if the movie, but they don’t set it up so that you really know what that means. They breeze over it earlier, but don’t impart the significance.

This movie made me feel like I was watching a two hour long trailer. It was cut and clipped too much. They extracted dialogue from the book that felt out of place in the movie. If you hadn’t read the book, I don’t know how you could follow it. It would seem terribly disjointed and flat. Ended cries a lot. There were some strange casting choices.

If you must see it, wait for Redbox. It’s a great movie if you like being pissed off for hours.

Character development
Relationships: not developed, strange, or just broken
The little things: valentines hair, suspended animation, using the little dr twice, face tatooos, and much more
Sizes, importance, cutting and chopping…