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Hola! I’m blogging from Puerto Vallarta. Why am I here? Well, I’m on vacation with my boyfriend and a few friends from across the country. One set of friends is a married couple from Seattle. The other set is a newly dating couple from Austin (the girl is Russian and new to the group). Throw me and my boyfriend, from LA, who have been together just shy of two years, and I think that we might have the recipe for a romantic comedy.  

Were actually all from Missouri originally (except the Russian), and have known each other for a long time. Were doing Mexico on the cheap. And guess what? Were even riding the bus.

Yep, even in Mexico on vacation I’m doing some bus blogging. Technically, I’m not uploading from the bus because of data charges. But this will be a reality once I get to some wifi.

The bus here costs 7 pesos. Which is crazy cheap. I think. I’m still having trouble with the conversion rates. Thus far, prices seem pretty comparable to the USA. Marginally cheaper. But maybe I just don’t understand the exchange. Good thing my boyfriend is in charge of the money.

The bus reminds me a bit of LA. The various melting pot of people riding it, most with detached looks (me) and others far too friendly. No crazy people yet, though. That’s different than LA. Lots of chivalry. Men get up for women without question. That’s nice.

This week has started off great. I haven’t seen any of these people in a year, and prior to the new girl, I was the newest in the group. But Valium and cheap margaritas makes breaking the ice after so long much easier.

Last night was the first night. We got in, took a taxi from the airport (thought one couple was renting a car, but guess not.) then everyone met up. We rented a condo literally on the beach. MIT has three bedrooms. Being the poor couple, my boyfriend and I took the smallest room. The bed is super hard. Like, crazy hard. There’s no air conditioning, no fan. The other rooms are better equipped. On the plus side, our room has its own bathroom. Although, there’s no door, just a curtain. Awkward.

Back to last night. After we get here, we walk over to a restaurant, have some good food and some numerous drinks. On the way back, we hopped in a couple pools. I haven’t gone swimming in a very long time. It was very fun. Then we came back to the hotel and played a game. Something (can’t remember the name) against humanity. It was like dirty, grown up Apples to Apples. So much fun.

Everyone went to bed kind of early for my tastes. Doesn’t help that this part of Mexico is in the central time zone and I’m used to pacific. Eventually got to sleep, yet was somehow the first person up today. But I like me time, so that was ok.

Thus far today we went downtown, had lunch, walked around. So many little markets everywhere. But no real grocery stores. At least not in that part. Eventually, someone found a place with fresh fish, and another with some veggies. Looks like I’m having a cheap frozen pizza for dinner. I don’t like seafood, but don’t want to ruin their fun.

Soon it’ll be time to go in the ocean. Then time for more and more alcohol. Which I really don’t like. But when in Rome, or, um, Mexico…