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It’s always a special treat to run for the bus after a bad day at work (monetarily), to have the person sitting directly behind you coughing violently and continually. Then the person behind them coughs… Great. I’m going to stay as far away from them as I can in this cramped bus. I’ll crouch over my phone and try to breath non-contaminated air. If there is such a thing in the bus. The small child sitting in front of me, who’s mother has purple hair, is covered in scrapes and bruises. But at least she seems in high spirits.    

I haven’t bus blogged in a while. Mostly because I haven’t taken the bus lately. Also, the few times I do I’ve been working on my flash fiction. I just bring a notebook with me and write away. I’ve gotten my fair share of stares. Somewhere, there might be a blog talking about the strange girl on the bus who wrote the whole time. That’d be me.

Also, for some reason, blogging kills my battery.

The reason that I haven’t been busing it as much lately is because I’ve been going on a lot of interviews before and after work. For which I need the car. I’ve cast a wide net. I’m looking for jobs from Pasadena to Malibu. I’ve had interviews from Huntington Beach to Arcadia. And places in between. It’s exhausting.

Mentally as much, if not more, then physically. Normally I can tell if an interview goes bad. I’m typically a terrible interviewer. But lately, I feel like they’ve gone amazing. The managers seem into me. They say things like “look out for an email from me on Sunday for the next steps and we’ll have you back to do paperwork” and “there’ll be a second interview, I can’t wait to sit down with you again,” and even “I’m very sure I’ll be calling you to come work here”. Then nothing. No contact from these people. I try to follow up, can’t get a hold if them. Wha???

I don’t understand why they would intentionally mislead me. My best guess is that they simply have better people that come in after. But it keeps happening. I get my hopes up, then nada.

I know I can’t afford to be picky, but I did turn one place down. It was a Mediterranean place in Pasadena. The manager smoked and drank beer during the interview. They had only 2 tables in the place, and I heard someone say that there’s no set menu, the kitchen will just make the customers what they want. So… Yea. Didn’t want to waste my time there.

I’ve had the worst luck in finding jobs so far since I’ve been in CA. I’ve been mislead, and straight up lied to. I don’t get it. So, even though I desperately need the pay, I’m going to take my time until I find something right.

I’m turning my attention to fine dining, preferably corporate restaurants. I had a great interview in Malibu with a place like that the other day. It’s a drive, but if I can make $200-$300/shift, I can take a drive. He said to call him if I haven’t heard anything by Monday. I think that’s a good sign. But I’ve been wrong before.