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As I settled down to sleep last night, or really, early this morning by the clock, I laid in the dark, my brain churning gooey story slurry, trying to make something pliable out of it.   Which yielded me seeds.  I planted them in my brain, and then, this morning, a tiny sapling had sprouted.  And a story tree needs sun to grow, so I had to let it out.  I started a mind map, and started to bounce ideas off of my guy.

My idea tree is still growing, but I can already see the fruit.  What kind of juicy deliciousness did I get?  A serial scifi one.  Just the type I was trying for.  But I have to let it ripen.

So now, I have the beginnings of a universe.  I have a hint of some themes.  I even have the fetal development of a couple characters.  Soon my word babies will grow, and become fully functioning beings.

I don’t want to give too much away, and I’m sure a lot of things may change in the process.  But I’m so excited that I had to share something.  Get ready for: Skylands, Wind Chasers, the Void, and an AI who may or may not be trying to save or kill us all.