I’m off to my new job. The place is in a great location, yet is somehow struggling. Seems like I can only get hired at those kind if restaurants. I came so close to getting a job that would’ve let me pay off my all my debt in about three years. But alas, after a great interview with the GM, an ok second interview with the AGM, and a week and a half of them leading me on, I never heard back. Had my hopes so high on that one. My new job should at least still bring me in double what my old one did, I hope, just enough to actually pay my bills. It’s a start.     

So, now I’m taking the bus clear across the city in the opposite direction. The ride is a bit longer, but at least I have things I can do during it. Just signed on a new apartment. We were hoping cheaper and closer to jobs, but wound up with something very similar to what we had before. It’s a pretty nice place, and way way better than anything else we looked at. Plus, it’s right near hiking, so I can work off those last 20 lbs and my dog won’t go crazy, she said thinking of a perfect world.

I think I caught someone whacking it on the bus last night. It was one of the extra long ones, that’s springing in the middle. It was pretty empty, and I had a ways to go, so I figured I’d sit in the back. Whoops. There was a guy leaned back, and he had a certain look on his face, which turned to pure panic as I approached. As soon as I realized something might be up, I avoided eye contact and sat soon as I could, a couple rows in front of him. Creepy.

Today, there’s a young kid, probably between 8-10, taking the bus. He was on the first leg of my journey, and I didn’t really notice until I got off and the bus driver told him that it was his stop, then held him aside and the bus until his mom arrived a few minutes later. By this time, the boy was in tears and the bus driver seemed to have a few words for the mom. I wasn’t within ear shot. So, she stands next to her Lexus for a moment, talking to the kid and giving him money, and now he’s on the next bus with me. What was the point if her meeting him there? Seems strange. My sister and I used to ride a city bus to school when I was in second grade and she was in fifth. Seemed less dangerous then. Probably just because we were kids and didn’t realize any different.

Now I must get back to memorizing the menu. Good thing I’ve got a great memory.