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Every Friday I post flash fiction.  They are whatever I’m inspired to write at the time.  I’ve decided to do a weekly serial novel.  Every Sunday, I’ll add a little more to the story, until such time as it’s done.

Last week, I started off a story.  It didn’t get much response.  I think I jumped the gun.  I shouldn’t just randomly start posting a novel on here.  I want to know what you all want to read!

So here here are the ideas that I have that I feel could make for good serial fiction.  Let me know in the comments which you would most like seeing each week.

IMMORTAL – (Urban Fantasy)  This story is about an immortal, eternally youthful man.  He’s lived so long that that he’s begun to forget his life, so he’s started to write it all down.  He lost his wife and children in a plague in the early 1900s, which was when he found out that he was different.  He travels the world in search of answers.  Then, he turns to science to look for answers.  The government catches wind and chases him down.  He must go into hiding.  When he saves a twenty-five year old, he falls in love quickly, even though modern society, which ages much slower, thanks in equal parts to evolution and the research on him the government managed, she is considered a child.  In order to fight her fight for equality and save her life, he must reveal himself.  Will the government ever let him go?  What will the distant future hold for him?

DEALT – (Fantasy).   Forced from her home, a young girl born to a destiny to would have meant certain  death if she had not been hidden away, must enter an unfamiliar land, face numerous trials, and perhaps find true love as she fights back against the imposing Emperor that wants her dead and the Tower that represents all the things wrong in their world.

TOUCH – (Mystery/ Urban Fantasy)  After a crime put him in a coma, a Sheriff discovers he has the ability to enter peoples minds through touch.  With effort, he learns that he can control these people’s bodies, although it damages his own.  With the help of his deputy, he works to solve the mystery of who tried to kill him, why, and if he’ll ever wake up.


Thanks!  Which ever gets the most votes/ best response will become my weekly serial fiction.  Can’t wait to see what you choose!