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Check out the new format!  That was a lot of work.  Seriously.  And now all the Flash Fiction can be found in a convenient place.  Miss a week or start following later and didn’t want to shift back through all the blogginess?  Now you can see them all!  I’ll still post them on here every Friday, but I’ll put them there, too.

Usually I talk about what’s going on in my life when I bus blog.  But, I haven’t been doing that lately, because I haven’t been bussing it.  My boyfriend and I share a car.  Normally I let him use it.  Mostly because he’s been paying for it.  But now that my new job is going decent, and our schedules line up, I’ve been dropping him off at work and driving myself to work.  He works longer shifts then I do, so the timing normally works out great.

My days have been going like this:  Get up morning-ish, take the dog out, maybe play with him a little, get the guy up, cook us some food or go grab something, drop him off at work, chill for an hour or two at a coffee shop and write, and drink way too many refills, then go to work, pick him up, come home.  

This new job works me 4-5 days a week.  It’s good and bad.  Have to get used to it, it’s been awhile.  But having money for a change is nice.  It’s not quite gainful employment, maybe come summer, but it is adequate employment. Now, hopefully they don’t shut down for renovations like I fear they will.  They’re definitely remodeling, but whether or not we stay open through it is to be seen.

Not having cable, and it being more efficient for me to head towards my work after dropping him off instead of going home has given me a good amount of time to write.   Which is great.  I’ve already finished the first book of my serial novel.  I’m giving it to my Alpha reader tomorrow (my guy).  I think I’m going to wait until all 4 books are complete before I give it to beta readers.  Maybe some of you want to read it and give feedback?  I’ll give out my email when I’m ready for the help.  The story came up a little short on desired word count.  But a story is only as long as it needs to be.  I’d rather have it come up short then be full of extraneous boring parts.

Did I mention I moved?  Got moved into the new apartment last Monday.  Still unpacking.  Hopefully done with that soon.  I was actually off of work today.  Went on an interview because I’m a masochist (not really), but had to explore the opportunity.  Between that and finishing up my story, and streaming a little TV, I haven’t touched the unpacking.  Will have to get started on it after I’m done writing this blog.  Good thing I’m a night person.

I’ve have a streak of passion for writing lately.  I always love it.  But I’ve been in love with it.  I have this sensation that I just want to write all the time.  I feel like I’m not putting enough time into it.  Like I want to do more.  Like I need to do more.  More time, more writing, more projects!  Can’t do it all, though.  Have to pace myself.  I hope this feeling lasts.  I love being motivated!