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Normally when I sit down to write, my fingers move at full speed.  Most occasions when I sit down to write, I can fire off 1-2000 words in an hour.   That includes taking time to refill my coffee, bathroom breaks, taking a quick break on the internet…

I type around 80WPM.  Honestly, creating content doesn’t slow that speed down too much.  I write things from scratch several times faster than I can read.  Not exactly sure how that happens.  Somehow, I’m a stupid quick writer, but a painfully slow reader.  I can devour an audio book in a few days.  But give me a written one, and I may never finish it.


I’m a highly efficient person, and I like to do things quickly.  When I write, I write with extreme passion.  It feels like the story has to get out of me or cause me physical discomfort.  I find myself bursting with excitement.  And that’s what fuels my writing.

Writer’s block is not something I’m very familiar with.  But it’s hitting me a bit on Wind Chasers (the name will likely change).  I’m about 30% through my word count, and I know there’s so much story to happen still, but for some reason, it’s hard to get down.   I feel like I’m stuck in the mud, making some progress, but it’s slow and dirty.

Maybe because it’s so different from the first book in the series?  I’m basically trying to take two polar opposite cultures that I created and bring them together.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have as good of a grasp on the story line as I’d like to?  I only loosely outlined Skyland, and the scenes built themselves in the most amazing way.  Maybe WC needs more structure?

Maybe it’s because I’ve been at it so long?  I don’t think I’ve actually been working on it all that long.  A book will take as long as it takes, as well.  But it feels like an eternity to me.  It’s hard to hold that much fiery passion for a project.  You either have to get it out, or it’ll burn up and go out.

Maybe doing a serial fiction left me feeling complete at the end of the first book?  Perhaps, even though there is a lot of story left, Skyland left me fulfilled?

Maybe it’s because I’m at a critical junction in the story?  It’s a difficult scene to write.  To even conceive fully.

I won’t even consider that it isn’t good.  Normally, I’m my own worst critic.  And at any given moment I’m terrified that I will learn that it is just awful.  More so the writing then the story.  But I actually really love the scenes that I’ve accomplished so far.

Whatever the cause, I have to keep pushing through.  Even if it’s only a couple hundred, instead of thousand, words at a time.  I’m going to give it a push right now.  We’ll see if my word count is updated later tonight.  I think it will be.