I was at work on Saturday when a group came in and sat in my section. They said they were in a hurry because his wife was having a booking signing at the Barnes and Nobel across the street. I mentioned that I was working on being an author. They asked what time I got off work, which was long after the event.

I was really surprised when,
about an hour later, he came back and dropped off a book that she had signed and given to me. It was so thoughtful. It’s little things like that which make me think maybe people are okay. And it earned her a mention.

Check out her book: Free to Fall
(I can’t post links well from my phone. All Amazon pages and goodreads just have their title as the address regardless of what page of theirs that I’m on)

I haven’t read it, yet. It’s pretty big. Might take me some time to get through since I read slow. If you start now, you’ll probably beat me.

I can’t wait until I’m a published writer and can make someone’s day like that.