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When I first heard about this movie, I was both excited and concerned.  The original X-Men came out when I was in high school.  Some credit it for being the beginning of the whole Superhero movies can actually be real movies, not campy, but good.  I loved it.  X-2 was alright, and X-3, well, the concept of Days of Future Past seems to negate that movie from existence, which is likely for the best.   And then there was the Wolverine Origin movies.   Maybe it had been so long since I had seen an X-Men movie that I actually liked the Origins series, the first time around, until other people pointed out how cheaply made, bad looking, and sloppy they were.  And they were right.

Then, at long last, X-Men came back better than ever in First Class.  But with a second Origin movie trying to connect two movies that are 7 years apart (that’s almost long enough for a full reboot in Hollywood time), and 13 years from the first one, it was a stretch.  Plus, that movie was only marginally better (maybe?  I don’t remember) than the last Wolverine movie.  So, I was concerned.  I was worried that bridging the two together would result in something bad that couldn’t live up to First Class.

But I liked it!  Despite the issues I bring up.

I usually rank movies like this:

See it in theaters (which means I must really like it to pay $15)
Wait for Redbox (want to see it, but not that much, or it’s at least $1 good)
Maybe if it’s free somewhere (only sort of interested, or it was really bad)
Not even if it was Free (not interested, or is just terrible)

I have no regrets about seeing this movie in theaters.


I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  That’s not to say that it was without it’s issues.  If you’ve seen the movie you’ll understand.   There were many things that I have questions about.

Like: why couldn’t they put Wolverine and Kitty Pride on the plane they came in on, so that they wouldn’t be stuck there when the sentinels come?

Or: So, I get that they think that Magneto is the only guy who can reach Mystic?  Either mentally, or, well, they have no idea where she actually is.  But… he hasn’t seen her in 9 years.  So… they’re not really that tight.  They end up not needing him, even a little.

Or: If Beast can cure paralysis, how come he doesn’t give the cure to humanity?  And if he has a cure for mutant powers, then why is that such a big deal in the third X-Men?

Or: Beast makes a big deal out of figuring out how to record the 3 channels, and PBS, but they have the tech in the 70’s to make those sentinels?

Or: I get that Magneto put metal in the sentinels, but how does that make him able to control their programming?  How does he make them fly and saying things like “do what you were made for.”?

Or: Oh, geez, Gene Grey is alive and is going to kill them all, all over again!

Or: A bunch of continuity Errors between the movies.

There was actually a bunch more little things, and I should have written them down.  Now I know for the next movie review that I do.

But, it was good.  I liked the nod about Quick Silver being Magneto’s kid.  He was just a really good character, as well.  Would have liked to have seen more of him.  Thankfully, Storm wasn’t in the movie long, so we didn’t have to suffer through her accent again.  Always a pleasure to watch Peter Dinklage in a roll.   I would, and likely will someday, watch it again.