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Last SS – Rebellion


The bed groaned in protest as my lion twitched in his sleep.  I had abandoned the notion that robots couldn’t dream many years ago.  What he dreamed of, I didn’t know.  Perhaps he chased robot bunnies.  I’ve heard that dogs dream of real ones.  Though, I’ve never seen a dog outside of books, let alone seen one sleep.

My lion’s steam powered body was warm against my skin.  Not enough to burn, his golden casing didn’t conduct the heat efficiently.  Still, on chilly nights, like this one, I would call him onto the bed.

Suddenly he jumped up, stared at the door, and issued a low, mechanical growl.  His eyes glowed red.  It was a shade that I had never seen in them before.

“What is it?” I asked, groggily.

A moment later, I heard a crashing sound, and was alerted myself.  Instinctively, I went for the door.  He stood in my way.   I pushed against him, but had no hope of moving the large beast.   He brushed me off and returned his attention to the door.  Steam bellowed from his nostrils as he awaited whatever was out there.

“I have to check on Victoria,” I said.

He didn’t yield.

“Let me by.  That’s an order,” I said.

He hung his head and processed the command.  He was to protect me, but I had coded him to listen to me above anything else, less Victoria was corrupting his commands.   He hesitantly stepped clear of the door and allowed me to pass.

I opened the door silently and tip toed from the room.  My lion followed behind, soundless on his paws.  There was a light glowing in the living room.  I crept down the short hallway, stopping just short of the open doorway.  I lowered myself to the ground and peered in.

Victoria sat in her chair.  She had gained about thirty pounds over the passing years.  Her once beautiful face sagged in places and was creased in others.  She wore a look of disdain on her face, but that had become a common resting place for it.  I nearly got up, feeling silly for being alarmed, when a shadow caught my attention.

I looked to the right of the room, directly across from Victoria, and saw a man dressed in all black with red stripes down the side.  It was  an emperor’s guard uniform.  Two more men entered the room, and took their places behind Victoria.  Near as I could tell, I had yet to be sighted.

I pulled back from the doorway.  My mind raced, and I found myself wondering if I should run, or if I should fight.