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Last Week’s SS:  Run


The world was silent.  This time of day found most people in their homes.  Soon, they would be roaming the streets and commuting.  Soon, the guards would come and lower the bridge.  

With no one in sight, I made my way to the giant gears of the bridge.  Golden, they shimmered in the early morning sun.  I craned my neck skyward, investigating the bridge.  It rose high in the air, and I could barely see the top of it.  There was a latticed network of golden rods all along the underside.

The smallest of the gears was just taller than me.  I pulled myself up and placed my feet into the zigzag groves.  The next wheel was taller.  I stretched my fingers over the top edge of it.   I made it up to the next gear.  The last one was taller, still.  I had to balance on tip toes to reach my hands over it.

As my fingertips searched for purchase on the top of the next sprocket, my right foot slipped out from under me.  I stumbled forward, running my body into the solid gear.  I nearly bounced off backwards.  As I teetered on the edge, I flailed my arms like bird taking flight.  I managed to balance myself long enough for my wayward foot to find its way back onto the zigzag gear.

I leaned against the gear, catching my breath.  I only hesitated a moment.  I had to try again.  I spread my feet wider, and dared my toes once more.  This time, my legs held, and I placed my hands on top of the next surface.  Doing a chin up, I pulled my body up.  I shoved my arms to the shoulders over the edge once I was up far enough, and wriggled the rest of the way from there.

I took another pause to catch my courage.  The easy part was over.

I looked up at the lattice and started to climb.