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I’m off of work today, and I have the whole house to myself.  I’ve been feeling either a too tired, or not motivated enough, or something, and I haven’t been writing much.  But, that changes today. 

I’m going to take a short break from my serial project to work on a different short story.

Since I heard of it, I’ve been wanting to write a story for Kindle Worlds.  Specifically, one set in the WOOL universe.  I’ve just been working on other projects and thinking “I’ll get to it”.

Today, I’m making the time for it.  If all goes well, I plan to write 3-4 more short stories in that world.  But, for now, I’m starting with one.  I’m going to write it, edit it, probably rewrite it, and post it, and see if anyone likes it, and proceed from there.

My goal for this story is that it will wind up somewhere around the 10,000 word count.  I have a rough idea of what will happen in it.  I’m a little nervous that I don’t have enough material.  I will simply have to adapt as I go on.

The reason I’m considering this a challenge is because I’m going to try and write as many of the 10,000 words as I can today.  Will I do it?  Eh, doubtful.  I’m fast, but I also have to deal with cubital tunnel and laziness.  But I’m going to try my best to get as far along as I can.