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So, I know I should have been writing my Serial Sunday or Mention Monday.  I’m sorry that I didn’t get them done this week.  Instead, I got wrapped up in making a cover.  You know that short story I wrote in one day last week?  Well, it was for Kindle Worlds.

You know what, this is going to be a Mention Monday after all.

Kindle Worlds is a platform that allows authors to write in other authors’ universes.  Of course, you have to pick from the worlds provided.  You get to write fan fiction and get paid for it.

Some writer’s in the Silo universe have reached #1 Best Seller in Paid in Kindle Store on Amazon.  This, in turn, helps launch a career.  The series, whichever you choose to write in, has a built in audience.  If you do a good job, maybe they’ll just become your fans, too.

It was natural that I would choose the world of WOOL.  I’ve been thinking about the story that I wanted to right for awhile.  I finally sat down to do it and got it all out in one day.  That’s not to say that it’s done.  Like any story, it’s got to go through the editing and revision process.

But since it’s short, and I think revisions will go quickly, I felt comfortable making my cover for it.

My birthday is next month, and I really want to get something published before I turn 30.

But if you haven’t seen Kindle Worlds, check it out.  There are several author universes to choose from.  Maybe you’ll find something there that could inspire you, too.