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They’ve got these TV screens on the bus. This one happens to be playing a report about a bus stabbing. Awesome. Great to have that in my mind while knowing I have to take the bus home at midnight tonight.

Sorry that there wasn’t a flash fiction this Friday. Work was rough yesterday. There’s been a lot of changes where I work. Two managers got fired recently, leaving others only loosely in charge. Some with no experience. Don’t get me wrong, those old managers were out of their league. It’s likely better that they’re gone. But I don’t like to delight in others misfortune unless they’re fictional characters.

So, there’s understandably been chaos. Scheduling issues, leadership issues, changes here and there. Some for the better, others…

The new “manager” thought everyone knew that the restaurant is closing for 3-4 months for remodeling come Sept. Nope. No one knew. So, yeah, basically yesterday I discovered that in a couple months I’ve got to be on a job hunt again.

Also last night, a table walked out without paying and the “manager” made me pay for it out of my tips. $65. Now, I’ve looked it up and that’s not legal. Not to mention I was super mad. I didn’t work to the point of exhaustion yesterday to make nearly nothing.

My sister is getting married in Florida today, and I couldn’t afford to go.

So, between the stress and exhaustion, I didn’t have the ability to write it this week.

I’m revising my Kindle Worlds short story, and Orherworlders is being beta read. Hopefully I can get those two out soon and help supplement my income.

It’s a shame unemployment doesn’t take tips into account or I’d enjoy my impending layoff as serious writing time.