Hey all,

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been struggling a little bit to balance work, stress, and writing.  Lately, Serial Sunday in particular has become an extra challenge.  Work on Sunday’s is just so hard.  Like, stupid exhausting mentally and physically.  And I do the same-ish thing on Saturday’s, so normally, I just sleep until work time on Sunday because I’m so tired.

I wrote the paragraph a few below first, but it just basically complains about my job.  So, I decided to put the point up here:


If people like it, I will, of course, continue it.  It gets the least amount of attention as does any of my other weekly posts.  I feel like I’ve been phoning it in a little lately, and it’s become sort of a chore.  So, given my struggling, I’m thinking of discontinuing it for now.  Yes, it’s a story I want to write.  And I suppose I could have written a decent episode in the time it took me to write this up.  But if no one cares about it, I might just stop so I can put the time, effort, energy… into more productive things.

So, let me know.  Do you read Serial Sunday?  Do you want it to continue?


Now, back to complaining about my job (you don’t have to read on):

For example, it’s about midnight, I left for work at 2pm today.  And the majority of that time was spent walking, talking, remembering, and carrying stuff.  It’s freaking tough.  I had 15 tables full of people for 2 hours straight, then 8 tables full for the rest of the night until the last two hours, when I moved into the dining room, because they were slammed, and had five tables sit down at once (while still trying to finish up a few tables in the cocktail area), and had that to deal with.  My sales (for any of you that might have serving backgrounds) were almost $2000.  Now, I’ve sold that much and more before, in fact, I probably sold more than that last night.  But, for example, when I worked at Outback Steakhouse, $700 in sales was considered a “busy night”.  And most of what I sell is super cheap appetizers and happy hour food.  Imagine how many tables it takes for that to add up.

Anyway, sorry for the rant.  It was a hard night.  It was a ‘take some prescription Valium when you get home to try and forget about it and relax’ kind of night.  Also, I didn’t eat today.  Well, a couple bites of a steak thing my guy cooked before work and some coffee, but, seriously, I’m running on like 400 calories, maybe.  I’m going to stop complaining now.  Or just as soon as the Valium kicks in…