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I’ve looked at booktrack before, but never really got around to using it.  It seems like a nice way to enhance your reading.

Beyond that, I found that they are having a competition.   I was participating in a live google hangout thing, it was for The SciFi Geeks Club, and Hugh Howey was the guest.  Actually got to ask him questions, which was awesome.  The writer in me was excited to be networking.  The social anxiety side was terrified.  But, I did manage to participate.  Anyway, he told me about this contest.  I’m currently writing a story, Witness, for Kindle Worlds, based on his Silo Saga.  This contest is looking for short stories based on a different book of his, Halfway Home.

There are two different contests.  One is for fan fiction, a story based in that universe, 5000 words.  The other is to use their studio to create a soundtrack for a chapter.  The downside is that it’s based on views.  I don’t think my social media outreach is really that large.  But, who knows.  I can at least try.

Part of the problem is that I hadn’t read the book.  But it’s not super long, and neither is 5000 words, so I figured I could whip something up by the July 31st deadline.

Since learning about the contest a few days ago, I started reading (listening) to the book.  I like Hugh Howey’s writing, but I’m honestly surprised at how much I’m enjoying this book.  Not sure why I’m surprised, maybe because when I looked at the book before, the subject matter didn’t really appeal to me?  Or maybe it’s great narration.  Either way, I’m loving it.  I’m close to finished with it.  It’s about a colony of people that are grown and trained in virtual worlds before being born as adults.  However, they wind up born half-way through their gestation, and, at 15, wind up in this alien world, unsure of everything.  A small group breaks away and explores.  I also love that the main character may well be homosexual.  It’s a refreshing perspective and done well.  I’d recommend this book.

I’ll let you all know when I get my entry up, if you’re interested in looking at it.  Beyond that, I wanted to let you all know about it so that, if you wanted, you can enter the contest, too.