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The Link to My Story

Remember that competition that I told you about?  Well, I got my short story done and I’ve entered it.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE check out my story.  Look at it, even read it and rate it if you want.  I think ‘read’ views help, so, if you don’t have the time, just pressing ‘read’ will count for me 🙂

It’s based on a story by Hugh Howey called Half Way Home.  This should work as a stand alone story, I hope.  It’s only about 5000 words long.

Between revisions/edits, adding the soundtrack (oh yeah, warning, there’s sound), and making the cover, I’ve spent 7 hours or so straight on this today.  The day really got away from me.  But hey, it’s done and up and hopefully it’ll win.

I’d also appreciate it if you could share the link, or tell other people about it, whatever you can do to help.

Thank you all so much!  I look forward to seeing what happens.  I feel good about this one.