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Last Week’s WW: A Little Mystery

Most people believe in something.  It doesn’t really matter what that something is.  It can be abstract, like the idea that good will always triumph over evil, or that humanity will inevitably destroy itself.   The idea can be more specific, like your opinions on the obesity epidemic or immigration.

When you identify something that you believe in, then you can use that.  You’ve got a theme.

You can go direct with your theme, and write something literal.  Or, you can weave it into your story.  You can talk about immigration by use of space aliens or you could approach it by talking about an invading virus.

Whether you approach your theme directly or covertly, make sure that it remains constant.  Whatever challenges your character faces should reinforce your theme.  Challenges should be resolved or overcome by the same belief in your theme is.

Beliefs can inspire your story, enrich it, and make it deeper.