Sorry for being quiet this week.  I was traveling.  A few days I didn’t have internet.  My sister got married in a destination wedding back in June, and had her reception back home last weekend.  I haven’t been home in about a year and a half, so I took a week and went.  It was a great trip, but exhausting.  And a few things went wrong.

The trip out was good.  Planes were on time and everything.  Got in around midnight.  A friend picked us up and we went to see their new house.  Everyone had a new house.  I mean everyone (except Adam’s and my parents).  But it was the type of trip where you go home, and everyone is now an adult.  Every friend we stayed with or saw gave us a tour of their new house and talked about having babies.  It was mildly overwhelming.  I just turned thirty, and can’t say that I don’t have similar things on my mind.  Although, my lifestyle isn’t exactly set up for such things at the moment.  Anyway, that was all good.  We saw friends, we saw Adam’s family, then headed down to my mom’s.

I helped with getting the reception ready.  Made playlists, cut up a ton of chicken, carried stuff, was a secondary photographer.  I didn’t get to take any good, posed pictures of them in their wedding attire.  Wouldn’t want to upset the real photographer.  But I got some good candid shots, I think.  Then helped clean up.  Before I knew it, the weekend was over.  It was time to leave my mom’s and go see more friends.  My mom was much sadder about me leaving than I ever expected she’d be.  

Went back up to St. Louis, more houses, more baby talk.  Still fun, though.  Unfortunately, that’s when the riots started.  I grew up in Ferguson/Florrisant (mostly Florrisant, but they’re right next to each other).  I even lived in Dellwood as a kid.  If you’ve followed the news, then you know what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t, well, in those areas, there’s been several days of civil unrest.  Looting, rioting, they burned down a gas station, two more people have gotten shot since the inciting incident, some people are calling it a police state, cops with riot gear, tear-gassing people, arresting the media even… it’s crazy.  As soon as the sun goes down, it’s like, watch the reddit live feed and call your loved ones when it gets too close to them.

Luckily, all these people have new houses, as I mentioned.  They all moved out of Florissant recently.  My sister and her kids are still over that way, but not in the thick of it.  So are Adam’s parents.  But far enough away that there isn’t too much worry.  Also, it may be a city, but it’s also Missouri, so everyone is armed.

Some of our friends do still live in the thick of it, so we didn’t get to see them.  They didn’t want to leave their houses unprotected or risk getting caught outside after dark.  

Eventually, the long week was over.  It was a good trip.  Almost too good.  I have this way of adjusting to things that make it feel like life, so coming back to CA felt a little strange.  The trip confused me on life a little.  But I was feeling that way a bit before the trip.  It simply added to it.

The plane ride was awful.  It started out normal, but then there was a storm in Phoenix, and the airport was closed.  We ended up having to sit on the plane for an extra 5 hours!  With no drinks, either.  By time we got back to LA, I hadn’t had anything to drink in 6 hours, nothing to eat in 13 hours, and by time we were back in the apartment, had been awake for 24 hours.  It was terrible.  I was so tired, and so mad, I couldn’t do much but cry.  They left our luggage in Phoenix.  And there was no customer service to complain to.  I at least wanted them to spring for a cab home for us, but with no one there, we had to take the metro like we had planned doing when we thought we’d be getting in a decent hour, not early morning.  Union Station in downtown LA is not a safe place at 3am.  Luckily, we were only mildly harassed. 

While I was gone, I put some of my flash fiction up on Amazon.  I was excited to see it rise up to #6 in it’s category on free days.  On paid days, it was top 50 in 3 categories in the UK.  It’s currently #38 in Japan.  It’s been sliding back down ever since.  But it was mostly an experiment, anyway.  I learned a lot.  Like that Amazon metrics are easily-ish manipulated, and that there must be a whole lot of stuff not selling at all.  I also finished Beta Reading for Matthew Mather.  He really liked my feedback, which was awesome.  

It was also tough adjusting to the Central time zone.  Not to mention, working nights, we stay up and sleep in pretty late anyway.  But I’m glad we tried.  I got up at 10am today (which is super early for me) and got some stuff done.  Hopefully, I can keep it up.  I have to go back to work today, which is never fun.  But such is life, and I’ve gotta get used to it again.  At least, until I’m a sustainably best selling author.