Last MM: Author Matthew Mather

I’m from St. Louis. North County to be more specific.  I moved around a lot, but went to school in the following districts: Hazelwood, Dellwood, and Ferguson/Florrisant.  The last two is where the rioting is happening.  The first one is right next door.  My nephew lives in the troubled areas.  Some of my friends as well.  My facebook is filled with constant information about it.  Right now I even have a live news feed on in the background.

The riots broke out during my visit home.  I didn’t get to see some of my friends because they were afraid to leave their homes unprotected, or to be caught outside after dark (this was before the curfew).  

We may never know the truth about what happened.  In my opinion, cops should wear little cameras on their uniforms so that there is never a question of what was right or wrong.

What is wrong is the violence, on both sides.

I’m not sure what looting a McDonnald’s or burning down a Quicktrip has to do with what happened.  There have been countless break-ins and even more shootings from both sides.  There has been such a spike in crime that the police response is almost justified.  Almost.  

My friend’s and family back home have to live in fear.  Fear of the roaming gangs and fear of the over-assertive police force.  I worry for everyone there.

Many of the people I know in Missouri are… libertarian?  Somewhere between liberal and conservative that are afraid of overreaching government.  The show of police force has them all angry.  The rioters and violence has them angry.  The race thing has everyone angry.  I don’t want to get into race.  All I can say for everyone who lives or has lived in that area is that we all come from the same place.  It is all of our homes.  

The violence, on both sides, needs to stop.