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Last MM: The Martian

I am a big fan of HBO original programming.  I really enjoyed True Blood.  I also really like Game of Thrones.  Recently, I’ve been catching up on Leftovers.  So far, it’s a pretty good show.  

There are many things I like about it.

I enjoy the ensemble cast.  There are episodes that don’t feature what I’d consider to be the main characters.  Also, there’s a whole co-plot involving a profit and possibly the second coming of some interpretation of the virgin Mary.  Not sure.  But that might be what it is.  But, they only touch on it slightly (at least, as far into the show as I’ve gotten.)  They are patient, letting that story line bake.

The show gives just enough to hint that there is really something supernatural still going on.  It makes you question people’s sanity, as well.  I don’t know if the main character, the cop, is crazy or chosen.  I’m not sure the guy that is shooting dogs is real.

Oh, and in addition to that, there’s a cult that has decided to renounce their former lives and stay silent.  Still no idea what that’s about.

There’s so much tension in the show that I barely notice it’s missing all the gratuitous sex and nudity that HBO usually populates their shows with.  Maybe this one has enough going on that those tactics are unnecessary to keep attention?

This show has a mystery to it.  I’m not sure if the departed were actually raptured, or if it was something else entirely.  I do feel the religious overtones, but I think that it’s possible that it might go in another direction.

As long as they have a direction, and are not just winging it, I’m fine with it.  There’s nothing worse than a show with a great start that fizzles because the writer’s didn’t think that far ahead.  Time will tell how this one goes.

If you have access to HBO or some way to see the show, I recommend it.