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Last Week’s FFF: Clank Part 3



“We got another one!” I yelled.

On the porch, I tore open the plastic wrap and inspected the goods.  The fully grown male body appeared to be completely intact.  But we wouldn’t know for certain until we opened it up.

My husband stumbled out from the front door.  He looked a lot like the man in the wrapping, only, where this one was young and fit, my husband was thin and frail.  His skin had taken on a yellow tone, and his eyes were bloodshot.

“Is it good this time?” he asked.

“So far.  There’s no obvious deformations.  I’m just glad they sent us a new one at no cost.”

I rolled the man on his back.  His breathing was shallow.  Beside him, taped to the pallet was a pill.  I inserted it into his mouth, and after a moment he awoke.

He stood and stared with a blank expression.  He may have had my husbands eyes, but I could tell he didn’t share a soul.

These clones were grown for one reason only: parts.  They grew at substantially accelerated rates, and were lobotomized at the expulsion from their artificial womb. This made them easier to work with.

I coerced it into a a standing position.

“Ready?” I asked my husband.

He smiled.  It was the first time I had seen him do so with any authenticity since the last man showed up.  He had hope.

I took my husband and the organ donor to the hospital, where the doctor was already prepped and waiting.

I knew that the clone wouldn’t survive the surgery.  But my husband would.

I didn’t feel bad for it. I don’t care what the label said, these things weren’t really human. How could I feel bad about killing something that never knew it was alive?