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Yay!  I finished Book 2 of my current project.

I’m especially relieved because I had been facing bad block.  Well, I hesitant to call it writer’s block.  I knew a lot of what I wanted to write, and had a rough outline.  But I was intimidated by the project.  It was so far out of my comfort zone.  It was mostly a story of internal conflict.  The guy goes crazy, so I was using an unreliable narrator.  Plus, this story has themes.  I know, all stories have themes, or they’re not really stories.  But I normally don’t come at a story with themes in mind.  I usually write the story, find the themes in it, and fluff them up more later.

I had a lot of challenges with this book.  Like I said, way out of the comfort zone.

(my guy also points out that by turning, what theoretically could be 1 novel into 5 different stories, it’s extra difficult, because there has to be 5 different, complete stories, as well as an overall arch).

But I did it.  It’s done!  Since I was so scared of this project, I found that it helped to get outside accountability.  I started posting my word meter to my facebook page.  It really inspired me.  It tore down my walls and let the words run free once more.  I wrote about 10,000 words in 3 days.

So don’t be afraid of any project.  If you’re not pushing yourself, you’re not growing and improving.  Do whatever you have to do to motivate yourself.   It’s worth it!!