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Last MM: Soda Pop Soldier

I had never really been a big podcasts fan.   Not for any real reason, just didn’t seek them out.

But then, one of the authors that I follow mentioned that they would be doing a live show.  It was on the Self-Publishing Round Table.  They host live interviews with authors, and sometimes have after show hang outs.  I think they’re going through some changes right now, so I’m not certain what will be different.  But the shows that I’ve attended allow you to ask questions, and then the mediator will ask the author and the author will answer it.  It’s neat.

You can also go back and watch older shows.

Hank Garner runs a newer website with author interviews.  He’s had a mix of indie authors, and indie-turned-traditionally-published authors (including some of my newer facebook friends 🙂 ).  It’s a good resource to find out more about the authors histories, their processes, and how they got published.  There are some audio issues, however.  (just volume variances between host and guest).

The last one that I for you is Geek Girl Authority.  I found out about her when she did an interview with Hugh Howey.   Beyond author interviews, it looks like the website deals with many a geeky thing.

I also attended some live Google Hangouts shows.  But I don’t recall what that one was called.  Sorry.

Interested in finding some shows?

I found all of these because of the authors I follow on social media or know.  Searching for shows is another way to do it.  Authors are good promoters.