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Last Week’s MM:  Podcasts and Live Shows

I’m certain that at one point or another while scrolling through your facebook feed, you’ve seen someone share or like something from IFLScience.   They have grown to have over 18 million likes.

I mention them today because I think that they are a good resource.  Plus, they are entertaining if you’re a nerd like me.

They’re articles catch my attention several times a day.  I feel like they help keep me up to date on cutting edge science that I may not have even known to go looking for otherwise.

Beyond that, good science fiction is rooted in good science.  Being knowledgeable about a subject that you’re writing about is simply responsible.   I often find articles through them that enlighten and teach me.  Some of their articles even spark whole concepts for stories, or can be stored in my brain to add details to enrich worlds.

They also have a not facebook website.   I suggest checking it out.  And if you haven’t subscribed to their facebook page, you’re missing out.