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Last MM: NaNoWriMo

Last week I went to see Interstellar.   This is a movie that has a lot of hype around it, and a lot of expectations.  Although, going in, I wasn’t really sure what kind of movie I was seeing.  Hard Scifi?  Suspense?  Some sort of thing about the relationships that people have?

I think that it was a good movie.  I don’t know if it was something that has to be seen in theaters.  Although, I will say that the sound adds a lot to the movie, so, might be worth it just for that.

The movie had it’s high points and not some not so great things.   I’ll admit, this movie made me cry.  Which isn’t easy to do.  And that was near the beginning.

Read on for more detailed info about the movie.  And I mean detailed.  ****SPOILERS!!****

The little girl that played his daughter, when she was young, was really good.  She’s the one who made me cry.  But, what was the deal with his relationship with his son?  It was really strange.

“Bye son.  I’m leaving for ever.”
“Cool.  Can I have your truck?”
“OMG, I’m still alive 100+ years later.  And so is my daughter!  I have no questions about the life and death of my son or any of his family.  Even though for a long time, he was the only one sending me videos.”

Some of the cinematography was odd to me.  All the shots from the outside of the various spaceships.

The old guy repeating the poem was annoying.

I’m sure there’s more to nitpick, but I’m going to skip to the end.



Okay, so fine, there’s no aliens.  He’s the alien.  At some point in the future, humans evolve so that they can snatch people out of a black hole or time or something?  Fine, I guess.  But here’s some problems:

Causality – the only reason ANY of this happens is because it happened in the future.  Sure, I personally believe in loops and if something happens it must always happen.  But you can’t know a thing because you know it later.  It’s got to start somewhere.  The idea can’t spontaneously exist.  So, he’s either changing the timeline with someone else info and it happened differently a first time that we didn’t see, or, more likely, the movie just didn’t think this plot point through.  They put a whole lot of effort into simulating black holes, but not into causality of time travel.  He only knew NASA coordinates because he had them.  He only knew the math to get him into the construct that he was in because he went into the black hole and gave that info to his kid in the past, which he couldn’t have been done with out the info… and round and round it goes.

Alright, so, he gives his daughter the info.  So, what was up with the tractors?  Why where they acting up?  That 3D representation of 5D was entirely in her room, right?  Why’d they try to mislead us with the magnets?

What was up with the crops?  Why were the systematically losing them?  Is it just that corn is the heartiest and would grow?  Or was there some odd virus that they didn’t talk about?  What about hydroponics?  Or some other food alternative.

Speaking of which – if there was a food shortage, then why was his grandson chubby?

Also, the point was “your daughter’s generation will be the last to survive on earth”… but, she had a bunch of kids and grandkids, and possibly great grandkids.  Did they just hang out around Saturn for 80 years?  Why would they do that and leave the female astronaut to raise what she thinks is the last of humanity all on her own?  Either, Earth wasn’t as bad as they thought, or they wasted a lot of time hanging out by the wormhole.

How’d they know when he’d come out?  Is that why they were chillin’ by the wormhole?  To wait for him?  Seems unlikely since he nearly died and she was in suspended animation.  But who knows.

And finally – she spent her ENTIRE life being mad at him for leaving and literally redefining the rules of physics to get him back, then they see each other for a minute, and she’s like “I’m going to die surrounded by my family.  You go on.  Go back into space.  Don’t worry about telling anyone else on the ship.  Just steal a space ship.  You’re a pilot, and you flew that other craft after being out of the air force for years.  I’m sure that 80ish years after you left earth, and I figured out how to manipulate gravity, that spaceships haven’t changed that much.  You go.”

I know that I’ve got some problems with the movie.  That’s only because the movie has some real problems.  But all in all, I did like it.  It’s just not a movie that you can think too hard about.

Did you see it? (I hope so if you read this far.)  What did you think of it?