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Last Week’s MM: Write On

I’ve been seeing an increase in anthologies lately.  They, and short stories, are making an impact on the writing scene.

Anthologies are great things.  They allow authors to explore certain topics or genres.  They can pair newer, but worthy, writers with established ones, and introduce readers to authors that they may not have otherwise found.

One great example of this is The Future Chronicles.

The first of these, The Robot Chronicles, explores how robots might be in the future.  It has stories from Hugh Howey and Matthew Mather, two of my favorites, as well as a great many other authors who I hadn’t had an opportunity to read before.  It was a quick read.  The stories are each short, but intriguing and impossible to put down.

The second installment is the recently released The Telepath Chronicles.   This book has another fantastic offering of authors.  It explores the possibility of mind-to-mind communication.   As of writing this, I’ve only started reading this one, but I’m certain that I won’t be disappointed.

These books are arranged by Samuel Peralta, a talented author.  The future of The Future Chronicles isn’t to stop at 2.  They will keep going.  And I can’t wait to see what the future holds!