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Last Week’s WW:  The Only Way Through is to Do

When writing, there are a lot of options for what program you do it with.  Starting out, many people use Word.  I know that I did.  But then, my fella started using a program called Scrivener.  At first, it was a bit complex, and I didn’t fully understand it.  But, I played around with it.  The copy he had came with a household license, so I was able to put it on my computer.

Once I started using it, I realized how helpful it really was.  One of the best features is that it lets you make each chapter a folder.  This is really valuable with copy and pasting.  Sometimes, scenes have to get moved around.  Sometimes you need to find something quick but only have a vague idea of where it was.  I’ve had to piece together and reorganize things quite a bit.  Also, outside of the manuscript, I like to create a folder where I can put my “cut” words.  That way, if I’ve written something I don’t like, but find a place where it works later, I still have it saved.

  • Scivener can do so much that there are entire classes dedicated to sections of it.  I can’t describe all of its functions.  But here are a few: You can set word goals for your day, your project (and if you’re on a mac, it’ll analyze it based on the days you plan to write and tell you how much you need to do to get to your goal)
  • Its got a customization full screen mode so you can block out the rest of the cyber world while you work.
  • Its got spell check
  • You can import research and full webpages into it, so that way your notes are there and you don’t have to brave the distraction climate of the internet to look something up.  You can look at it unplugged.
  • When you go to publish, there are so many file options.
    • you can do: .rft .doc .docx …
    • but what’s really cool, is you can export it as ebooks
      • including fully customization Kindle books.  you can make a clickable table of contents, you can format it however you like, include whatever pages/data you want, something that some people pay others hundreds of dollars to do for them.

There can be a bit of a learning curve to the program.  And I’ve yet to tap all of its features.  But there are free online tutorials to help you with whatever you’re unsure about.

I think it’s a great program.  And, when I saw that it was going to be 1/2 off on Black Friday, I wanted to let you all know.  I don’t know much about the link that I’ve pasted.  I saw author friends sharing it on Facebook, and they usually know what they’re talking about.  So, if you don’t have a copy, I’d say it’s worth looking into.

Have a great Thanksgiving, a safe Black Friday, and Happy Writing!