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Last Week’s FFF: asd


They began to gather days ago. Jut a few at first. I suppose that they were the most hungry. But in time, their numbers swelled. There were hundreds now, maybe thousands. And we couldn’t keep them out forever.

I watched from my vantage point as the horde became increasingly rowdy. They pushed, shoved, howled, and were becoming more agitated by the moment.

I envisioned the violence. These were supposed to be humans. People who were once neighbors now vying to get int, willing to do whatever was necessary.  

I stepped back from the window, and looked at my group. They were as anxious as I was. Fear was clearly present in their wide, tired eyes. I felt my own pace quicken as I saw my terror reflected in my men.

It was almost time. Soon, chaos would surround us. But none would be so unfortunate as whomever our leader chose.

We tried to distract our minds by talking of food, times past, and the future. But we all knew that the futures we spoke of might not happen. Some of might not make it through this very day.

Our leader came toward us. We all stiffened as we waited to hear our fates. He spoke words of encouragement, told us all that we’d make it through, that we could endure. At the end of his speech, he chose. I felt guilt in my relief that it wasn’t me that he picked.

The boy he chose was so young. This was his first season. He had no idea what he was walking into. We gathered at our stations, and watched as he crept towards the waiting horde.

As he neared, the mass of being spasmed into action. Their unruliness came to an apex. They pressed themselves against the glass, squeezing and fighting amongst themselves. He slowed a beat, but continued onward. I respected his bravery. Perhaps it was just stupidity. The inexperience of his youth. He had never before seen the bloodshed.

I looked to my left and noticed one of my men. He looked like a rabbit eying a predator, unblinking and ready to run at a moments notice.

“Calm yourself. Remember our orders. Remember your plans. You will get through this,” I told him.

He swallowed dryly and held his ground.

The boy had reached the glass. With a trembling hand, he turned the lock. The tumbler disengaged, and the doors flew open. The unchecked mob rushed inside like pouring water, and swept him up in their wake. In seconds, he was gone from sight.

The were coming, ever closer to us. We stayed at the ready.

“I can’t!” the man next to me said.

“Yes, you can!” I told him.

His frustration grew, until finally, he couldn’t hold still any longer. The crowd was feet from us now, but he wasn’t waiting to see what happened.

“I quit!” he yelled.

He ran from his post.

I wanted to go after. Either to bring him back or join him in his flee. But it was too late for me. The swarm had reached my position. I was knocked from side to side as they pressed around me. I held my breath, waiting for what I knew was to come.

An arm pulled on me. I looked down to see a senior lady. She still wore the face of kind hearted person. But I knew that deep down inside, she was just like the rest. A monster.

She opened her mouth, and vial came out. She spit as she spoke, cursed, and blamed me for not immediately finding what she wanted. I pointed her to the shelf next to us. She picked the box up hastily. A young girl laid her hands on it at the same time. They got into a shouting match. Words were exchanged, then shoves. In the end, the older lady wanted it more. I feared it would come to blows, or worse. Last year, there was so much pain. I knew it would come, again. After all, this was Black Friday.