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Last Week’s MM: Moon

What Is ThirdScribe-web

ThirdScribe is a “A Social Platform for Readers, Writers, and Publishers”.   

I’ve been using ThirdScribe for, maybe about a month now.  It seems like it’s Facebook plus Wordpess and specifically aimed at writers and readers, but so far, mostly writers.  I have yet to utilize all of its options.  But from what I can tell, it gives you a free, good looking website where you can blog.  And it provides you with a place where you can promote your books and have conversations about your and other people’s books.  It’s a place where you can interact with you readers, as well as other writers.  I’ve already discovered a potential opportunity for a writing project there.

So far, it’s small.  There aren’t a lot of people on it.  Yet.  But it’s a good site, easy to navigate.  Which I appreciate.  I remember anxiously waiting for my Ello invitation, only to get there and throw my hands up and say, “so, what do I do now?” and get no answer.

Many of my author friends (who I’ve met through social media and networking) are on this podcast.  And his last episode was with ThirdScribe.   Here’s the interview with ThirdScribe about the site, the creator, and what his hopes for it are.

So if you’re a writer, I say check it out.  Even though we may sometimes be solitary creatures, networking is important.  And if you need a site, it could be a good place to get one.

If your a reader who wants to interact with writers, it’s a good place too.