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Last Week’s MM: All Things Unlimited

I’ve heard from a great many people that Gone Girl is just amazing.  That it’s a must see or a must read.  I browsed the book a little at the bookstore, but the writing wasn’t a style that jumped out at me as something I could pay attention to.  Not saying it was bad, just not for me.  I contemplated seeing the movie, but hadn’t yet gotten around to it.  Finally, Honest Trailers put up video about Gone Girl.  And, while I love Honest Trailers, I didn’t want to be biased by it, so I figured it was best to watch the movie first.  That night, I rented the movie.

All that said, I really enjoyed it.  I’m not much of a thriller kind of person, although, I’m trying to get more into that genre.  But it made me wonder what was going to happen throughout the movie, even after the part where you think they’ve told you everything.  It also made me a little uncomfortable to watch while sitting next to my boyfriend.  Hopefully he neither wants to split my head open, nor thinks that I want bad things for him.   I don’t want to go into too much detail on this movie.  There’s the possibility of spoilers, and honestly, unless I’m complaining a lot, it’s not really worth going into details.  Not that there weren’t a couple points to say ‘huh?’ to, I just don’t think that they were big enough to warrant going into.

For some reason, that movie stuck with me.  It occupied my thoughts as I went to sleep that night, and still lingered in the morning.  I think that’s the hallmark of a good thriller.  Whether it makes you think or creeps you out, the point is, it stays with you.