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Last Week’s MM: Gundam Wing

I always say that good science fiction should come from good science.  My friend and Author of Chimeras Elena E. Giorgi just put up a post about Telomeres.  If you are unfamiliar with what a Telomere is, check out the article.    If I understand them correctly, they’re the part of the cell that gets shorter every time it replicates.  Meaning, it’s what makes you age.  The simple answer to creating eternal youth would seem to lie in making Telomeres that never degrade, but that’s basically what cancer is.  It’s a science that I’ve been interested in and known about for some time, and I mention in my upcoming series.  If you’re interested in knowing more about this subject, I suggest that you check out her article.

Elena was also kind enough to interview me about my novel Otherworlders.

She has a number of books, and I believe she may be looking for ARC readers for an upcoming novel.  Science fiction from scientist, that may just be the best kind.