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Last Week’s MM: Elena E. Giorgi

An Unwelcome Quest: Magic 2.0, Book 3 | [Scott Meyer]

A few weeks ago I mentioned Off to Be the Wizard and Spell or High Water.  Well, the third book in the series has come out, An Unwelcome Quest, and it didn’t disappoint.  In some ways, I think this may be the best of the three.  The first book was good, but a bit predictable.  The second book was also interesting, although the bad guy didn’t make much sense to me, or, at lest, I felt that there could have been better villains.  But I can’t really think of any problems with the third.  I listened to the book in about 2 days.  I also really like the narrator for this series.

I’m really enjoying this world and this concept.  I feel like it has endless possibilities.  Scott Meyer can’t release them fast enough for me.  I hope that the series keeps going, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.