Last Week’s MM: The A.I. Chronicles

This week’s Mention Monday isn’t an exciting review.  Unfortunately, I don’t have much worth mentioning this week.  So, instead, I’ll talk about Cluster Headaches.  If you don’t know what they are, they’re sort of like migraines, but on one side of your hand and much, much worse.  I’ve gone three years without them being too bad.  They’ve come back pretty strong this year.  So far, it’s mostly been shadow headaches, and the clusters have been mild.  This is due in part to identifying them early and cutting out triggers.  For me, chocolate is a big trigger.  Which means I am chocolate free until August.  Which is really hard.  I’ve also been soda free for almost 3 years, so I wouldn’t really recommend it otherwise, but I’ve found that drinking 1 sugar free redbull every 3 days helps keep them away.

Even so, it’s made it really hard to concentrate on getting anything productive done and they make me really tired.  Plus, I’ve been job hunting, which is time consuming.  I hope to get back on track soon.  I missed a few days the last few weeks, and haven’t made any progress on my other projects.  But I promise I want to and I’m trying.  Bear with me.  I’ll be back to posting regularly.