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Last Week’s MM: Cluster Headaches

There has been a lot of buzz about Bookbub lately.  If you’re a reader, you can subscribe to their mailing list and get updates about deeply discounted or free books.

If you’re a writer, well, I hear that getting a Bookbub ad can be career changing.  I haven’t had the opportunity to use Bookbub yet, but I’ve heard great things.  And yesterday, I saw it in action.  Recently, I was included in an anthology called The A.I. Chronicles.  This was the 4th anthology released by The Future Chronicles.  Yesterday, the anthology that came before mine, The Alien Chronicles, had a Bookbub.  And wow, did it have an impact!  By the end of the night, The Alien Chronicles was #6 on ALL of Amazon.  And beyond that, the other stories in The Future Chronicles series got a boost, and even my sales on my stories got a little boost.

One of the hardest things for authors is visibility.  Bookbub is expensive, but I’ve never heard about anyone regretting getting it, or really even losing money.  Hopefully some day they’ll accept me and give me an ad.  I might wait until I have more of a backlist to try.

But whether your a reader or writer, they have something to offer.