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As I’ve mentioned before, I live in Hollywood.  Most of the time, it’s just another place.  I’ve grown completely used to it and most of the time stay in my apartment.  But sometimes, someone will come and visit, and in trying to entertain them, I’ll be reminded of how neat a place Hollywood really is.  I’ve had some amazing opportunities here and done things that I know not many people get to do.  I’m grateful for that.

This week, it was my mom and one of my sisters who came in town to visit with me.  It’s been a fun time, but I’m not sure that I have ever been so tired before.  They keep a different schedule from me (a normal one), and live in a time zone that’s two hours earlier.  So, in addition to doing a ton of stuff, I’ve been getting up early.  Somehow I managed to finish my first draft for my Z story, but I haven’t gotten much else done that’s construction.  But here’s some things we did do:

Tonight I met author Nicholas Sparks.


 We went to the Premier of The Longest Ride.


I love Premiers.  They’re fun, they’re free, they give you snacks (popcorn, candy, soda (which I don’t drink) and water, all complementary).


It’s not impossible to go to a premier.  I’ve been to close to a dozen.  And I haven’t even tried to go in a few years.  I’ve mostly gotten over it, because while it’s not impossible, it can take some effort.

Last night we went to The W Hotel for Jazz Night.


It wasn’t exactly what we were expecting.  They moved it from the lounge onto the roof, so it was more club-ish then we were looking for.  But the live music was good.  And they had “Easter Bunny” dancers.


It was a fun, albeit, short time.  There wasn’t any cover, and we rode the elevator up with Keanu Reeves.  But drinks were $14 each, so, yikes there!  Only stayed for one.

me and Adam)

We also went to the fashion district downtown and walked around.  Some places were closed, but my mom and sister found some good deals on beads.  We ate some BBQ for lunch and I cooked dinner at home that night.  Barbacoa.

The day before we went to get pedicures and went to the beach.


We walked the beach and then the boardwalk on Venice Beach.  My goodness, there was so much walking.  Lots of traffic, too.  But it was a fun time.


We kicked the whole thing off with sushi and an Improv show.  We went to the Upright Citzen’s Brigade.  It’s usually good, sometimes great, sometimes not so great.  But it’s $0-$10 a show, so it’s hard to beat.


Tomorrow is their last day.  We’re going to my favorite breakfast place, BLD, then maybe some Karaoke.  I’m sure that there are a ton of other cheap or free things to do here.  And many other experiences that are unique to Hollywood/LA.  I enjoy being here, and I’ve found it to be a fun place for people to visit.  Now, I have to summon my energy and make it through the next visitors.  I’m expecting them in 2 weeks.  Which is not a lot of time to rest, but maybe I’ll be able to keep the house clean that long.  🙂

It is hard to balance guests, starting a new job (I did that last week), still working the old job, writing, and keeping up with this blog.  You’ve probably noticed me struggling.  Hopefully life will settle down soon, and I’ll be able to get back into a rhythm.   Until then, I’m doing my best.