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Last MM – 31st Annual Writers of the Future Awards Ceremony

You may have seen it plastered all over Facebook, I know that I have, Tor just signed a $3.4 Million dollar, ten year deal with John Scalzi for 13 books.  That’s quite a commitment.  Some writers are saying that he could have made more with a different deal.  Perhaps.  He still gets royalties.  And, honestly, in the publishing business, you can’t beat that kind of stability.

I was just looking at Tor.com and saw that they are currently accepting submissions.  Their novella submissions closes in a few days, so I’m not going to make that deadline.  But they are also accepting short stories.  I happen to have a short story that’s looking for a home, so I’m going to submit.  Hopefully they’ll like it.

Tor appears to be a great publisher of SciFi, among other things.  I’ve heard of Tor before this, but I’m not especially familiar.  However, I’m looking forward to learning more about them.