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The Z Chronciles

I’m excited to be included in another anthology.  And I’m beyond thrilled to be in one that features Hugh Howey.  If you like Scifi and/or Zombies, I hope that you’ll join me at the Facebook launch party on Monday, June 15th from 6pm Eastern (3pm Pacific) – 11:30pm Eastern (8:30 Pacific).  I’ll be hosting at 10:30 Eastern/7:30 Pacific.

There are lots of terrific giveaways, including:

6pm – Author Lesley Smith
6:30pm – Author Christopher Boore
7 pm – Author Elena E. Giorgi (1 signed ppbk + 5 ebooks Akaela)
7:30pm – Author Kris Holt (A.I. Chronicles ppbk)
8pm – Author Deirdre Gould (3 Cured ppbks + audiobooks)
8.30pm – Author Daniel Smith (ppbk Hugh Howey Lives + Sarfer poster)
9pm – Author Terry R. Hill (2 ebooks New Dawn)
9:30pm – Author Ann Christy (swag packs for The In-Betweener or the series
+ ebooks) and Author Stacy Ericson (handmade zombie scarf!)
10pm – Author Will Swardstrom (Alien ppbk + ebook Dead Sleep & Dead Sight)
+ special guest Logan Snyder
10.30pm – (ME) Author Angie Cavanaugh (Otherworlders, Dauntless, Audible Codes)
11.00pm – Author and Chronicles Creator Samuel Peralta (Dragon ppbk + Z proof)

Hope to see you there!  I also hope that you’ll check out the book.  My story is titled:  The World After, and is a scifi survival thriller.

In a high-tech future where humanity has won and zombies are domesticated, one woman discovers the cost of their way of life as she fights to save her own.