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As you may have noticed, I’ve been having trouble keeping up with my blog the past few months.  It’s like all my motivation just drained from me and left me a tired shell.  I think I can pinpoint most of this feeling to an exciting contract that I had that fell through.  It put me in a funk, and it’s been a tremendous fight to try to get over it.  It might be slow, but I am trying.

Last month I wrote two 10,000 word short stories.  See?  I’m doing stuff.  This month, well, I haven’t written much.  The first of those stories will be in The Future Chronicles, a special edition of the series.  The other story I’m shopping around.  I might even turn it into a novel some day.  Do you like Space Murder Mysteries?  I hope so.

I’ve been getting back into the swing of things with my Mention Monday.  I actually had an amazing month last month, and have a bunch of things to mention.  I just need to start setting an alarm or something so I remember that Monday is Monday.  Too often I find myself realizing on Tuesday that Monday is gone.  Not that I strictly have to stick to alliteration, but I think it’s a good structure to stick with.  I’m thinking that I might bring back Serial Sunday.  I don’t want to over-promise, and I don’t know exactly when I’ll start, but it’s something I want to do.  What will the new Serial Sunday be about?  I’m planning for it to be a companion to Otherworlders.  If you are subscribed to my mailing list, then you probably got a little bonus scene featuring the character Chase.  He was important to the story, and originally had a lot more air time, but a bunch of his story got cut out in the editing process as his character got redefined.  Some people had mentioned that they didn’t feel like they got to know him very well in the novel.  Therefore, I’m planning to create Otherworlders: The Chase Chronicles.  It’ll be an ongoing feature on my blog that explores all the things Chase was doing during the book.  How’d he react when the Otherworlders arrived?  How’d he wind up in the military?  What’d he do when he left Tomas and Samantha?  Who are these contacts he has?  What other missions did he go on?  He freed a lot of people and escaped the government a couple times, and we didn’t get to see all that much of it.  And what really happened between him and Kara during their time together?  And if you think this companion series is a hint that there may be more Otherworlders to come, you might be right. 🙂  Just to warn you, though, it probably won’t happen very fast.  At some point, once The Chase Chronicles is finished, I plan to collect it and put it on Amazon.

I also want to bring back Writing Wednesday, and hopefully at some point, if I can find the energy and muses, Flash Fiction Friday.

So bear with me, I’m still at it, just at a little slower pace.  Thank you for reading my work and following my blog!  I’m grateful for every single one of you.