Last WW: Make Them Keep Reading

We’re already 13 days into 2016.  They say that a new year is a new chance. That it’s an opportunity to reset your life, or at least work on improving yourself in the ways that somehow eluded you the year before.

Many people pledge to eat better, exercise more, get a better job, and even write more often… Those are all great things to strive for.  Most resolutions are.

We’re just about 2 weeks in.  Many people at this point think that they have either lived up to your New Year’s Resolutions or already blown them.  I believe that way of thinking will only set you up for failure.

If you’re keeping up with a resolution, that’s awesome.  Good job.  However, once you get it into your head, “well, I did it” then you might have a problem keeping that momentum going.  You might find that later you’re saying, “well, I did it for awhile.”  Then you’re right back where you started, not doing the thing you wanted to do.

If you’ve already messed up your resolution, then I have good news: tomorrow is another day!  You don’t have to wait for a new year to come around to do the things you want to do.  Depending on your goal, every day, every hour, every week… is an opportunity to get back on track.

Did you want to lose weight and eat a whole pizza by yourself?  Well, you’ll have to eat again.  And that’s an opportunity to do what you set out to do.  If you want to write more, write more.  Doesn’t matter if you’ve been going strong for weeks or haven’t typed a word.  If you want it, you’ll find a way to do it.

Don’t let resolutions trip you up.