Alright, so this is a bit of a movie review.  I just saw Suicide Squad and it made me think.
I’m just going to say it… not that bad. Actually entertaining mostly, and well acted. A lot of people have complained about the amount of Joker in it. I think it was just the right amount. There may have been one or two people that were unnecessary, and maybe low expectations help, but all in all, it was enjoyable.
There is one main issue that I had with the movie:


Why is DC in such a rush? The intros were long, and the way they were filmed, they could have been integrated well into other movies. It’s Superman vs Batman all over again.
What they should have done was: Superman movie, Batman movie, Wonder Woman, Flash, Superman vs Batman, Suicide Squad, Batman 2, then Justice League. There’s honestly been enough material presented in the last 2 movies that could justify all those.
I know there’s been a problem lately with movies stretching their material too thin. It seems to me that the opposite, trying to shove too much into one, is also a problem. They should’ve slowed it down and built it up.
Balance.  If they had just taken a step back and really considered the big picture, they could’ve turned what has been considered a flop, in a series of flops, into a mega, well received, franchise.